Táncpedagógus, táncművész és pilatesoktató


My story

I consider myself as a lucky person because I became aware of music and the stage at a relatively young age. At the age of 10 I had the opportunity to sing in the children’s choir of the Hungarian Opera House, therefore I often enjoyed the excitement of the stage. It soon became a true love of mine, though I wasn’t talented enough to go on with singing. That is when dancing entered my life. I went to a dance school where the teacher (Zsófia Benkő) noticed me and invited me to join her club where she worked with competitive dancers. I was eager to go. My first partner was László Bóbis.  It is still a great joy to look back at those days when we were dancing together.

After a break of many years my friend took me to watch a theatre performance: Enikő Eszenyi’s ‘A combok csókja’ (‘Kiss of the thighs’). It truly shocked me. At that very moment I knew what was missing from my life: the long-forgotten dance.

I made the decision and I told myself: you need to learn this dance! At the time being I had no idea that one day I’ll be working with Enikő on stage and most certainly not that I’ll ever teach this dance. I was persistent and enthusiastic while I was learning and sooner than I could imagine I was already working as László Budai’s assistant then as his partner. Even though at first it was a kind of therapy –when I visited the theatre I wasn’t in the best mood- then a hobby now I could not imagine my life without dancing and teaching tango.

Dancing or being on the stage feels like you were intoxicated as if my soul was flowing through my body. When I dance there is more to me than when you just simply see me.

It is also a role but a lot more intuitive and natural than anything else you can imagine. I been thinking a lot what role-play really is: is it what I feel when I’m dancing on stage or is it what I do in normal life under the ruling standards of society? I don’t know, but what I do know is that if  I fill my dance up with what I feel and believe in it will all come forth through my movements and if there will be one single person who understands who I am, what we all are than I’ll say it was worth it.

I discovered dancing at the age of 14 but it was only a few years ago when I figured out what dancing genuinely is. It is not the leg that is the most important. All movements must come from within and there is no need to be a professional dancer to dance beautifully.

My goal:

To promote dancing in a way that people will love the natural and free joy of  the movement itself.